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100% of Monetary Donations Received by Homeless Bus Go Directly to the Cause

We are very fortunate to get a generous amount of food donations, however, we do have to fill in each week with items we are in short of, as well as for tolls and gas money each run and other general operating expenses. Monetary donations are very much appreciated and are the best way keep The Homeless Bus running.

Our long-term goals, which we will make happen if adequate funding is received include:

  • Making daily runs, rather than once a week
  • Food truck to enable us to better serve fresher, temperature-controlled food
  • Increasing our liability insurance, which would enable us to bring volunteers to join us on our runs
  • Donations of NEW, higher quality, boots and socks for all of our homeless friends, not just the most urgent of cases.
  • Advertising to enable us to receive corporate sponsorship
  • A program to help our homeless friends get off the street

We would like to thank and give recognition to our supporters.
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