Our Mission - 24 Years of Service on the Streets

Thanks to the generosity of local businesses, organizations and individuals, Homeless Bus heads into New York City every Saturday night, providing quick and easy simple food options, warm socks, and personal sized toiletries to homeless individuals on the streets of New York City.



In 1992, Director, Mark Landgrebe, attended an Anthony Robbins seminar in Hawaii where he heard about a program that helped feed needy families on holidays, prompting him into action. At first, Mark delivered food only on holidays, but he quickly realized that holidays weren't enough and that these people were in need of assistance every day. Lacking the funds to aid them daily, Mark, and his wife Anna, settled on Saturday night deliveries and they have consistently visited these people weekly ever since, logging in over two decades of visits. 

Due to the ever-increasing number of people requiring his support, Homeless Bus is no longer able to support these individuals on their own. This is where you can help!

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Did You Know...

  • In NYC alone, more than 60,000 people, including more than 22,000 children, experience homelessness every night!
  • On Saturday evenings, Homeless Bus departs from Towaco, New Jersey and heads for the Lincoln Tunnel. There are regular stops where the people we serve - men, women and children, know to meet us. We arrive to crowds of smiles along the curb, grateful for the warm meal, clothes, toiletries, and much love with which they are about to receive.
  • With the networking among the homeless population and the number of homeless people increasing, Homeless Bus greets new faces weekly. There are, however, some folks who have benefited from our efforts for 20+ years and as you can imagine, we proudly have very close connections with these special individuals.
  • On most trips into NYC, we serve a meal usually consisting of, Cup-O-Noodles soup, turkey and cheese sandwiches, hot chocolate, water, cookies, and other various snacks.


We Need Your Help

Since 1992, Homeless Bus has relied primarily on donations and support from our own family and friends. Unfortunately, with the number of homeless people on the rise, we simply cannot do this on our own and we need your help! We seek support from individuals, civic organizations, religious organizations, public and private schools, small businesses and corporations. 

We have now expanded and are a New Jersey registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. See how you can help our cause: